HEART OF JUNK to Simon & Schuster

Mary South has sold Heart of Junk by Luke Geddes to Sean Manning at Simon & Schuster. The debut novel follows an eclectic group of merchants at a Kansas antique mall who become enmeshed in the kidnapping of a local beauty star.

Luke Geddes holds a PhD in comparative literature and creative writing from the University of Cincinnati, where he is also an assistant professor. His collection of stories, I Am a Magicial Teenage Princess, received high praise from Publishers Weekly and Roxane Gay in the New York Times:

…one of my favorite books few people have heard of is “I Am a Magical Teenage Princess,” by Luke Geddes. It’s this amazing collection of short stories that is sharp and dark and mostly about teenage girls. The highlight is the story ‘Betty and Veronica,’ about the Archie Comics characters as lovers in a high school. I will reread that story every chance I get. It’s amazing and also so sexy.”